Thursday, January 12, 2012

‎ Officials must stop the official period clock between jams when time exceeds thirty (30) seconds.

This rule exists because sometimes referees try to work out an issue in the game between jams and don't pay attention to the clock. If they aren't ready to start the jam, haven't called an Official Timeout, and 30 seconds between jams has elapsed, the period clock must be stopped. Typically the referees are involved in whatever issue is happening, therefore the jam timer will usually be the one to signal the period clock to stop. The rule says "officials" not "referees" so this is permitted. The jam timer, or whomever signals the clock to stop, does so by calling an Official Timeout.

The clock MUST be stopped because of an earlier rule in Section 2:

2.4.3 There are thirty (30) seconds between jams.

If the period clock were to continue running after 30 seconds had elapsed and the next jam hadn't started then it would be a violation of 2.4.3 by the officials.