Thursday, January 19, 2012

‎ Penalty clocks are not required to be visible to referees, teams and fans. While in the Penalty Box, players may request knowledge of how much penalty time they have remaining.

While I covered the rules regarding the official period and jam clocks being visible, and made clear the importance of them, today’s rule explains that the penalty clocks do not need to be visible. Of course, it would be nice if the penalty clocks were visible so teams and fans would know how long penalized skaters have left in the box, and referees know if skaters left box early. However, some leagues already have enough difficulty making sure that two clocks are visible, let alone another half dozen. However, because the penalty clocks may be held in the hands of the penalty timers, the rules allow skaters to request how much time is left in their penalty. I have seen it argued that just because the rules say skaters may request, the rules don’t say the penalty timers must tell them. I absolutely don’t agree with that. Unless a skater is consistently asking over and over and over again, there is no reason why a skater should not be told how much time they have left in their penalty.