Monday, January 30, 2012

‎6.3.6 Any contact outside of the normal skating motion which lands below the legal target zone that causes an opposing skater to fall or lose her relative position.

Today’s rule is a Low Block major penalty. It penalizes for blocks that land below the mid thigh and cause a skater to fall or lose her position relative to the initiator, which includes the receiving skater going out of bounds. Note that this rule reference the “normal skating motion”. In previous rules I’ve covered what the normal skating motion is. This doesn’t mean each individual’s normal. If a skater has a stride that continuously contacts other skaters with her skates, that is not normal, even if it is her normal. In fact, it is rather unsafe. What normal skating position means is normal for that position. If a Blocker is striding as a Blocker need stride, that is normal. If a Jammer happens to take a little bit longer of a stride, that will most likely be seen as normal. So if a skater happens to take a long stride that is not normal, and trips up an opponent causing them to fall or lose relative position, that’s a major Low Block. Same with a skater who falls, but not small, and low blocks an opponent.