Monday, January 2, 2012

‎9.1.1 Each bout will have no less than three skating referees and no more than seven referees total. It is strongly encouraged that at least one referee be WFTDA Certified.

There’s a couple points in today’s rule to look at. The first point is the number of referees. This rule has remained the same since version 1.0 of the WFTDA rules, with the addition of the encouragement of a certified referee when certification began. Ever since the WFTDA standardized the rules of roller derby there has been a requirement for at least three skating referees and a maximum of seven referees. The rules used to allow for outside pack referees to be off skates. In the most recent version of the rules a subrule to 9.1.1 was added: All referees must be on skates.

This removed the possibility for off skates referees. So, now there is a requirement of at least three skating referees, and a maximum of seven skating referees.

The second point in this rule is the encouragement of having at least one WFTDA Certified referee in each game. This encouragement really seems to be an encouragement to staff all bouts with the best referees possible. From the standpoint of the WFTDA, certified referees are the best. Therefore, it makes sense for them to encourage certified referees to be staffed in games, although it makes more sense to encourage only one at least, since they do understand that certification may be hard to accomplish for many referees due to location and lack of proximity to WFTDA leagues.