Friday, January 6, 2012

‎ At the end of a period, the Jammer Referees switch the team they are responsible for and the identifier corresponding to each team.

Switching Jammer Referees between periods has always been looked at as a matter of fairness. Some people would say that if one of the Jammer Referees is affiliated with one of the teams playing and is fixing the score, then switching them to the other team at the half will even it out. Frankly, in my years of reffing I have yet to see a JR fix the score. Rather, I look at it as both teams having the opportunity to be Jammer Refereed by each in case one or both are making consistent errors. That way the error is made for both teams and only one team isn't disadvantaged. Whatever way one looks at it, switching teams is only fair.

Of course, when they switch teams they also switch their indentifier, which, according to the WFTDA Officiating Standard Practices, says must be at minimum an arm band, but may also be a sash and/or helmet cover accompanying the arm band.