Thursday, January 5, 2012

‎9.1.4 Pack Referees: The remaining referees observe the pack. The primary responsibility for Pack Referees is to call penalties. Pack Referee assignments and specifics regarding Pack Referee positioning can be found in the WFTDA Referee and Officiating Standard Practices document.

Per yesterday's rule, regardless of how many referees are officiating a game, between the minimum three and maximum seven, two of them must be Jammer Referees. The rest of the refs will be Pack Referees. As clearly stated, the primary responsibility of a Pack Ref is to call penalties. This is in contrast to the Jammer Referees who follow the Jammer, count points, etc, as well as call penalties. Pack Refs don't follow the Jammers, or any one skater in particular. They watch the pack. Pack Refs are split into two types: Inside Pack Refs (IPRs) and Outside Pack Refs (OPRs). IPRs skate on the infield of the track while OPRs skate outside the track in the safety clearance. According to there may be up to two IPRs. This means a full crew has two JRs and two IPRs in the infield and three OPRs on the outside. The OPRs generally skate in a relay type fashion, skating part of a lap at a time. The referenced WFTDA Officiating Standard Practices suggests that OPRs skate this rotation, referred to as the "half lap skate and wait". Lately the "half lap" and "wait" parts have been replaced with "about 3/4 of a lap" and "get back in position". If this confuses you, don't worry. There are plenty of referee resources to research good skating rotations and techniques. According to the Standard Practices, the head ref of a roller derby bout ought to be one of the IPRs.