Monday, February 20, 2012

‎6.12.2 Skating out of bounds as the result of a missed or successful block. (Blocking out of bounds criteria still apply; see Section 6.8 Out of Bounds Blocking).

Today’s rule comes from the no impact/no penalty section of Skating Out Of Bounds. If a skater goes for a hit, whether she makes contact or completely misses, she does not get a penalty if the result is putting herself out of bounds. I have been asked before about how to tell if a missed block was actually an attempt at a block. The best answer I can give to that question is that, like many other types of calls a referee may or may not make in a game, this is a situation-specific call, and comes down to whether the referee seeing the action determines whether the skater actually attempted a block. Of course, if it is determined that no block was actually attempted and that a skater put herself out of bounds, she will be given a Skating Out Of Bounds minor.