Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6.12.4 Exiting the track as a result of injury, equipment failure, or to avoid unsafe track conditions including but not limited to fallen skaters, debris and spills.

Today’s rule is the last of the no impact/no penalty rules in the Skating Out Of Bounds section. As covered in a few previous rules, skaters may not skate out of bounds, except in specific situations. Most of these situations are covered in the SOOB no impact/no penalty section. So, according to this rule, if a skater leaves the track of her own accord because she is injured, because of an equipment failure, or to avoid an unsafe track condition, she will not receive a Skating Out Of Bounds penalty. Now, just because she may exit the track without being penalized, under these circumstances, that doesn’t mean she may return bettering her position. If a skater exits the track to avoid a fallen skater, for example, she may not return in front of an in play skater who was ahead of her when she left the track. Of course, fallen skaters are out of bounds so passing them while out of bounds is not considered Cutting the Track.