Wednesday, February 22, 2012

‎6.12.5 Skating out of bounds in an attempt to avoid a block.

This is the first of the Skating Out Of Bounds minor penalties. It pretty much explains itself. As stated a few times before, Skating Out Of Bounds penalties are applied when a skater leaves the track of her own accord, as the rules state that skaters must stay in bounds. There are specific exceptions that allow skaters to leave the track without penalty, some of which have been recently been covered. However, in most other cases, skaters must not skate out of bounds on their own. So, if a skater is skating along a track boundary and sees an opponent coming in to block her, and she steps out of bounds to make herself ineligible to be blocked, she will be given a minor penalty. This penalty may only be applied when it is determined that a skater went out of bounds to avoid a block, and not if she went out of bounds for a legal reason. Oddly, because “out of bounds” is defined as touching any part of the ground outside of the track boundaries, a skater may receive a skating out of bounds penalty while still being able to be blocked, if she skates to a straddling position, as straddling skaters are able to be engaged.