Monday, February 6, 2012

‎6.14.1 Intentionally committing an illegal procedure is not insubordination and must not be penalized as such.

Today’s rule may seem odd to some, but if you look at the wording of the other penalty sections, you’ll notice it makes sense. In all the penalty sections that involve contact (Low Blocking, Illegal Use of Forearms, Out Of Bounds Blocking, etc) the language used in the expulsion section includes the word “intentional”. This means in most cases, an intentional penalty will get a skater expelled from a game, generally speaking. The penalty sections that don’t use “intentional” include Cutting The Track, since Cutting is penalized based on number of skaters cut; Skating Out Of Bounds, since SOOB penalties are given when intentional; and Misconduct, since Misconduct penalties are only majors. The Gross Misconduct section uses “intentional” but that’s because Gross Misconducts are all expulsions. The Illegal Procedures section doesn’t use the word intentional, and also doesn’t have any expulsions. However, many Illegal Procedure penalties happen from an intentional action, such as intentional 4th minors by false starting. Other intentional IPs include removal of mouth guards or safety equipment, and illegally blocking a star pass. Considering the nature of Illegal Procedures, the rules have determined that intentionally committing one is not grounds for an Insubordination penalty.