Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6.3.8 Habitual contact, three or more times during the course of a bout, between skates and wheels that is part of the normal skating motion that causes an opposing skater to stumble or fall or lose her relative position. The intent is to penalize skaters whose normal skating motion is dangerous to her opponents. A single skater who repeatedly trips other skaters, even with her normal skating motion is adversely affecting game play and safety.

Today’s rule penalizes normal skating motion that is unsafe to other skaters. While incidental contact between skaters’ skates and wheels is not a penalty if it happens during normal skating motion, if one skater habitually trips opponents due to their normal skating motion, then the rules deems their normal skating motion to be unsafe, and adversely affecting game play. This is a major Low Block penalty.

Now, this isn’t in the rules, and some may disagree with this, but if a skater were to be penalized by this rule, I would most likely call an Official Timeout and explain to that skater’s captain why she was penalized. After all, if the penalized skater is affecting game play and safety then she should be made aware of it so she can change her skating motion to prevent further unsafe actions. Again, this is a personal suggestion, and by no means anything official.