Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3.4.6 The Lead Jammer is the only skater who has the privilege of calling off (ending) the jam prior to the expiration of the full two minutes. She may call off the jam at any time after her position has been established, unless she has been removed from the jam due to a penalty or her helmet cover has been removed. If the helmet cover is removed by an opponent’s action, the Jammer may replace the helmet cover and regain Lead Jammer status. She calls off the jam by repeatedly placing both hands on her hips until the referee whistles the end of the jam. The jam is not over until the referee officially calls off the jam. If there is no Lead Jammer, the jam will run until the full two-minute time limit expires.

Today's rule clarifies a question that has been asked of me many times regarding losing Lead Jammer status, and getting it back. says that one of the two ways a Jammer can lose Lead status is by removing her helmet cover. 3.4.6 explains that any removal of the Jammer helmet cover, except for removal by an opponent, makes a Jammer lose Lead status. That means is a Jammer puts it on incorrectly and it falls off her helmet, she is no longer Lead. If a teammate knocks it off by accident, she is no longer Lead. The only way a Jammer can regain Lead status is if an opponent's action removes the helmet cover (either a direct intentional removal or a block gone wrong, for example) and the Jammer replaces the helmet cover.