Thursday, March 22, 2012

3.4.7 Once a Jammer has been declared Lead Jammer, she retains Lead Jammer status for the duration of the jam unless she forfeits the status by:

Today's explains that there are very specific circumstances by which a Jammer can lose Lead status. Outside of these circumstances, the Lead Jammer retains that status until the jam clock runs out, she calls off the jam, an Official Timeout is called, or for any other reason the jam ends.

This is the rule I have heard quoted to explain why a Jammer who has been incorrectly declared Lead should not be "undeclared". Doing so would go outside the two circumstances which follow as subrules of this rule (to be covered the next couple days). The truth is that a Jammer who has been incorrectly declared Lead is not actually Lead Jammer. A referee signaling a Jammer as Lead does not make her the Lead Jammer. Lead Jammer is the Jammer who meets the requirements set forth in 3.4.1. So if the second Jammer through the pack is declared Lead after the first had already been declared Lead, the jam ref following the second Jammer may stop signaling Lead after the mistake is discovered. Since the second Jammer was not the first to meet the requirements of 3.4.1 then she is not actually Lead. The referee hand signal is used to identify which Jammer is Lead, but does not, on it's own, make a Jammer the Lead Jammer.