Monday, March 26, 2012 Removing her helmet cover for any reason.

A subrule of 3.4.7, today’s rule is one of the two ways that a Jammer who has been declared Lead forfeits the Lead Jammer status. Once Lead status is forfeited, it remains forfeited for the remainder of that jam. That means that if the Lead Jammer removes her helmet cover, she is no longer Lead, even if she returns the helmet cover to her helmet. The only exception to this is if the helmet cover is removed by an opponent’s actions, per 3.4.6. Also, thanks to the wording of 3.4.6, the Lead Jammer forfeits Lead status even if she didn’t remove the helmet cover herself. If she put the helmet cover on incorrectly and it popped off on its own, she would still forfeit Lead status.