Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3.6.2 A team’s helmet covers are easily identifiable if they can be readily distinguished by Officials, other players, and fans from the helmets of the Blockers on the track. Blockers’ helmets may be of the same color as the base color of a team’s helmet covers.

Today’s rule seems like it might contradict itself. On one hand, it says that a team’s helmet covers must be readily distinguishable from the team’s helmets. However, it then says that the helmets may be of the same color of the base color of the helmet cover. How can a team’s helmet covers be distinguishable from their helmets if the base color is the same as the helmet color? By the stripes and stars on the helmet covers being of high contrast to the base color of the helmet cover, which is a requirement anyway (3.6.1).

That being said, a recent WFTDA Publication requires that a team have a second set of helmet covers, in case a team’s helmets have a design on them that may be confused for the stars or stripes on the helmet covers. That means a team may have white helmets with helmet covers that have a white base and red stars and stripes. However, if the helmets have a red logo on the side, then their opponent may ask that they use a second set of helmet covers, for example a set with a base color of red, and white stars and stripes. The Publication can be found at: