Friday, March 30, 2012

3.6.4 The Pivot’s helmet cover must have a single, solid stripe a minimum of two inches wide running from front to back. Helmet cover base color and stripe must be of high contrast and easily identifiable.

Today’s rule covers the Pivot helmet cover. It has a single stripe, which runs from the front of the cover to the back. It must be at least two inches wide. There is no stated maximum width, however, once a stripe gets too wide, it becomes the base color of the helmet cover, as it will make up more than half of the helmet cover surface area. In my own experience I have yet to see a Pivot stripe that was wider than 4 inches. It must be noted that this rule requires the stripe on the helmet cover to run front to back, but says nothing about the stripe running front to back on the helmet itself. This rule always includes a requirement for the helmet cover base color and the color of the stripe itself to be of high contrast. As has been discussed several times in the comments of past rules posts, high contrast does not necessarily mean two different colors entirely, but rather colors with noticeably different color values.

If you look at the colors in the above linked image, you’ll notice that colors in each row may be different but aren’t of high contrast. A helmet cover with the base color of green from one row and a stripe of blue from the same row may not be of high contrast, yet a stripe of blue from a row two above or two below would be much higher contrast.