Monday, March 12, 2012

4.3.2 In Play/Out of Play: When a Blocker is positioned more than twenty (20) feet outside the pack or out of bounds, she is out of play and subject to penalties specified in Section 6.10 Out of Play Penalties.

As has been mentioned before during other rules discussions, a skater is considered in play of they are upright and within the engagement zone. A skater does not need to be moving counterclockwise to be in play; a clockwise skating skater in the engagement zone is still in play. Skaters who are outside the engagement zone (more than 20 feet ahead of, or behind, the pack) or out of bounds may receive Out Of Play penalties for blocks and assists made while out of play. Out Of Play penalties for blocks made while out of play would only apply to blocks made outside the engagement zone while on the track. Blocks made while out of bounds are penalized by the Out Of Bounds Blocking section. Assists made to or by out of bounds skaters are penalized by the Out Of Play penalties section.