Thursday, March 8, 2012 The hips and booty

This is the third legal blocking zone, places on the body with which skaters may legally engage opponents. Much like the torso, the entirety of the hips and booty are a legal blocking zone, including the back of the booty, which is also an illegal target zone. That means that skaters may not be blocked to the back of the booty, but may use that area to block with. While it isn't expressly included, the pelvic area is also included as part of "the hips". Blocks used by pushing the pelvis forward, sometimes known as a "crotch bump" are legal, if contact is made with a legal target zone. Where skaters usually get in trouble with this type of block is when they crotch bump into the back of an opponent. Unfortunately, this also commonly happens when skaters are trying to avoid back blocking penalties.