Thursday, April 26, 2012 A skater or groups of skaters are always responsible for the consequences of their actions. If their actions create a no pack situation (excepting those covered in Section and Section they must be penalized as directed in Sections 6.10.9–6.10.22. When determining responsibility of a no pack situation, per Section 4.1.2 and Section 6.10.2, both teams are responsible for maintaining a legally defined pack.

Today’s rule continues on with the theme of illegal destruction. It really reiterates what has previously been said in However, it includes a couple of references to rules that allow for destruction of the pack to go unpenalized when it would otherwise be illegal destruction. The first is, which allows one team to take off at the jam start whistle while the other team stays still, breaking the pack. The other is, which allows a skater to break the pack by blocking an opponent. In both cases, no penalty is issued for the destruction. This rule goes on to mention, again, that both teams are responsible for maintaining a legally defined pack. Again, this means that, regardless of who has destroyed the pack, and whether it was legal or illegal, both teams must reform the pack, and both teams may be penalized for not doing so.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

6.4.5 Elbows may not be used to hook an opposing skater in any way (e.g. by wrapping one’s arm around an opponent’s arm).

Part of the Use of Elbows section, today's rule explains that hooking one's arm around an opponent is illegal. The example mentions hooking an opponent's arm, however hooking an opponent's leg around the upper thigh is just as illegal. Hooking other target zones may result in different penalties appropriately. Hooking below the mid thigh may result in a low block, while hooking above the shoulders will result in a high block.

Monday, April 2, 2012 In order to form a pack, a team must have at least one Blocker on the track at all times.

his rule makes a lot of sense. Without a pack there is no engagement zone. Without an engagement zone nobody may engage. That means that if one team has 4 Blockers on the track, and the other team were to have none, the team with all Blockers would not be able to engage their opposing Jammer. It would ruin derby. Therefore, there must always be one Blocker on the track from each team at all times.