Tuesday, May 1, 2012 When no single skater or team can be clearly found responsible for illegally destroying the pack, no penalty for illegally destroying the pack shall be enforced, however skaters and teams are still responsible for immediately reforming a pack (see Section 6.10.7, Section 6.10.12, and Section 6.10.20).

Following up all the rules that explain when to issue illegal destruction of the pack penalties (and the exceptions), today’s rule explains that when a penalty for illegal destruction should be issued, but no single skater can be found clearly responsible, no penalty will be given. What the rules mean by single skater is that it must be absolutely clear that one person destroyed the pack. If two skaters are hitting the brakes at the same time and the pack is destroyed, and the referees are unsure which of them was actually responsible for the destruction, no penalty is issued. If one team is racing forward, while the other team is slowing down quickly, and the pack is destroyed, no penalty is given. Illegal destruction Out Of Play penalties may only be given to one skater, not multiple skaters. Again, the rules remind that both teams are responsible for reforming the pack, and both teams can be issued failure to reform Out Of Play penalties if both don’t immediately attempt to reform the pack.