Friday, June 1, 2012

10.2.2 Captains are responsible for supplying medical personnel with their skaters’ medical and/or emergency contact information as necessary.

Today’s rule makes it to the responsibility of team captains to provide the medical personnel with information in case of emergency. I wouldn’t be surprised if 95% of skaters who have been a captain don’t know this rule exists. Even I have forgotten about this when I have been captain of my team. Of course, while this rule may work just fine when bouts are between two established teams, it gets a little tricky during invitationals, open scrimmages, drop-ins, or any other form of game play that follows the WFTDA rules. Sometimes you show up at an open scrimmage and there either is no captain, or captains are established that day. There’s many similar situations where the captain would not have everyone’s medical and/or emergency contact information. In those cases, so long as the information is available, then the purpose of this rule is satisfied. After all, so long as every skater’s medical and/or emergency contact information is readily available if required, it shouldn’t make a difference if it was provided by the captains, coaches, event organizers, etc. That being said, if you are a captain for the team you regularly play/practice with, it is a good idea to ensure your team’s medical and/or emergency contact info is available with short notice, either by having that information yourself, or asking your league’s bout organizers or interleague coordinators if they take care of it. Chances are, this information has always been readily available, and has been taken care of by someone other than the team captains.