Friday, July 6, 2012

6.10.4 Jammers may not initiate engagement with Blockers outside the Engagement Zone. If a Blocker initiates engagement with a Jammer outside the Engagement Zone, the illegally engaged Jammer may counter-block and go unpenalized. Likewise if a Jammer illegally engages a Blocker outside the Engagement Zone that Blocker may counter-block and go unpenalized.

Today’s rule comes from the Out Of Play Penalties section. All too often when a Jammer is racing away from the pack, one of her opponents chases her to get one last chance to engage her. Very often, these chasing opponents leave the engagement zone right on the heels of the Jammer. If the chasing Blocker realizes they are out of play, and decide not to engage the Jammer, the Jammer may also not engage the Blocker, even if they feel threatened. However, if the Jammer decides to engage the out of play Blocker, the Blocker may counterblock legally. This is contrary to other parts of the rules, which explain that counterblocking is held to the same standards as blocking. However, this rule is an exception to all the other rules. To sum up, if a Jammer decides to block an out of play, they will receive an Out Of Play penalty, and the Blocker being engaged may counterblock legally.