Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6.10.6 Out-of-Play skaters will be warned to re-enter the Engagement Zone and will be penalized if they do not immediately attempt to return to Engagement Zone.

When a skater leaves the engagement zone she is, by definition, out of play, and may not engage or assist. When a skater goes out of play, a referee may give her a warning, which includes a hand signal and verbal cue. I say "may" because there's the possibility that the warning may not happen before a penalty. After all, penalties take precedence over out of play warnings, per: Issuing penalties takes priority over issuing warnings. A warning does not have to be issued in order for a penalty to be given. Issuing penalties is always the priority over issuing a warning of any sort.

If a skater goes out of play outside the engagement zone and engages an opponent before a referee has the chance to give a warning, she will receive a penalty before hearing a warning. Whether they receive a warning or a minor penalty, blockers who are outside the engagement zone must reenter the engagement zone or face penalties, or further penalties if they've already been penalized.