Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Scoreboard Operator: A game will have one scoreboard operator. The scoreboard operator posts the score from the scorekeeper and the penalties from the penalty tracker.

Today’s rule comes from the Non-Skating Officials (NSO) section. The Scoreboard Operator is considered an official in a game. While many scoreboard operators also operate the official period clock, and usually the official jam clock, doing so is not required by the rules. The primary responsibility of the scoreboard operator is to post the score from the scorekeeper. That means they should not be posting the score directly from the Jammer refs. Interestingly, this rule also says that the scoreboard operator posts the penalties from the penalty tracker. I have actually never seen this happen, nor heard of it happening, ever. In fact, I don’t know of a roller derby scoreboard program that has this ability. This rule has existed since version 2.1 of the WFTDA rules, so I can only imagine at some point the intent was for penalties to be posted visibly on the scoreboard.