Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Her ability to accrue points, unless she returns the helmet cover to her head with visible stars.

Today’s rule is a subrule of 3.5.4, and is a result of a jammer removing her helmet cover. The last line of 3.5.4 is:

“A Jammer who has removed her helmet cover has forfeited:”

Therefore, if a jammer removes her helmet cover, she is considered inactive (per 3.3.2), and she is no longer able to score points while it is off. If a jammer has her helmet cover off of her helmet and she passes any opposing blockers legally and in bounds, or laps the opposing jammer legally and in bounds, no points will be scored for the pass(es). If the jammer returns the helmet cover to her head, she may start scoring points again, but only if the stars are visible. If the helmet cover is returned to the jammer’s head inside out, and the stars are not visible, then she will still not score points for passing opponents. She may remove the helmet cover and turn it right side out to begin scoring points again. Once the helmet cover has been returned to the jammer’s helmet with the stars visible, points are only scored for opponents passed from that point on. Points are not scored once the helmet cover is returned for opponents passed while the helmet cover was off. Those passes do not count, and those opponents would have to be repassed with the helmet cover on to be scored on in that scoring pass.

It is because of this rule that teams are increasingly having helmet covers made with stars on the inside and outside, in case the jammer puts on the helmet cover inside out. I have personally seen this practice prevent a jammer from going scoreless in a jam because she hurried to the line and put her helmet cover on inside out. It must be noted that, if a team is using a helmet cover with stars on the inside, it must be the same color scheme as the outside - same base color and star color - or else it will not be considered a legal helmet cover, and thus the jammer will still be unable to score.