Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Her Lead Jammer status.

Today’s rule is a subrule of 3.5.4, and is a result of a jammer removing her helmet cover. The last line of 3.5.4 is:

“A Jammer who has removed her helmet cover has forfeited:”

Therefore, if a jammer has been declared lead jammer and then removes her helmet, she will no longer be the lead jammer. That means any attempt to call off the jam after removing her helmet cover will result in an Illegal Procedure penalty for attempting to call off the jam while not lead jammer. This may seem simple to some, but there are a couple intricacies to this rule.

First, allows the jammer to return the helmet cover to her helmet if the star pass can't be completed. However, it is explicit that, while she becomes an active jammer again, and regains her ability to score points, she does not regain her lead jammer status. Once a jammer has forfeited lead jammer status by removing her helmet cover, it is gone for the remainder of the jam.

Secondly, a jammer will lose her lead jammer status even if she didn't remove the helmet cover from her helmet, except in the case of it being removed because of an opponent's action. Buried in rule 3.4.6 is this sentence:

"If the helmet cover is removed by an opponent’s action, the Jammer may replace the helmet cover and regain Lead Jammer status."

That means if an opponent pulls the helmet cover off the jammer's helmet, she may put it back on and regain lead jammer status if she had already been declared as such. This also includes if a blocker happens to knock the helmet cover off while blocking the jammer. Granted, since the language mentions "an opponent's action" then I would personally interpret that to mean that the helmet cover must come off as a direct result of the opponent's action. For example, if a jammer put the helmet cover on incorrectly and it popped off after she was legally blocked by an opponent, I would consider the action resulting in the helmet cover coming off being that of the jammer, she having out it on incorrectly. That being said, if a jammer doesn't secure the helmet cover on her helmet and it pops off while she is skating, she will lose her lead jammer status. As well, if her own pivot (or other teammate) removes the helmet cover, or it is removed as a result of a teammate's action, then she will lose her lead jammer status. 3.4.6 only mentions an opponent's action with regards to regaining lead jammer status.

Finally, this applies to jammers who have been declared lead jammer already. A jammer on her initial pass who has not been declared lead jammer but has removed her helmet cover may still return the helmet cover to her helmet and earn lead jammer status, as long as she is still eligible.