Thursday, August 30, 2012 In an illegal star pass, the Jammer status is not transferred, even if the Pivot then has possession of the helmet cover. Both skaters retain their original status and the initiator of the pass is penalized accordingly (see Section 6.13 Illegal Procedures).

Today’s rule is a subrule of 3.5.5, which explains that, during a star pass, the pivot becomes the jammer when the jammer helmet cover is on her helmet. This rule is actually an exception to 3.5.5. Even if the pivot puts the helmet cover on her helmet, if the star pass was illegal, then the pivot will not become the jammer. An example of this would be if the pivot were to take the helmet cover off the jammer’s head, and put it on her own. That would be illegal per 3.5.4. Likewise, if a jammer were to pass the star to the pivot on her way to the penalty box (illegal per then this rule would apply. Basically, any time that there is a violation of the star pass procedure, resulting in a penalty per 6.13.20 (which is what the reference to Section 6.13 refers to) the pivot remains the pivot and the jammer remains the jammer, regardless of whether the pivot is wearing the jammer helmet cover. Only legal star passes result in a transfer of the jammer position.