Friday, August 31, 2012 If a star pass cannot be completed for any reason, the Jammer may return the helmet cover to her own helmet and regain her active Jammer position, but not her Lead Jammer status (see Section 3.5.4 Pass Procedure).

Today’s rule, from the Star Passes section, ties in to one of the rules covered earlier this week. A jammer is only active (meaning she may earn lead jammer status and score points) when she has the jammer helmet cover on her helmet with the stars visible. If she does not have the stars visible, she is not active. As well, if she is not wearing her helmet cover, she is not active. As mentioned in, when the jammer removes her helmet cover for a star pass (or for any reason) she becomes inactive. Similarly, if she is lead jammer then, per, she loses her lead jammer status. Once lead jammer status has been forfeited by the helmet cover being removed, it can never be regained by the jammer, earned by the new jammer (formerly the pivot) or earned by the opposing jammer. So, if the jammer who took off her helmet cover put it back on, she becomes an active jammer again, meaning she may begin scoring points again, but she will not regain her lead jammer status.