Wednesday, August 1, 2012

6.10.5 Blockers may not initiate engagement outside the Engagement Zone. If a Blocker initiates engagement with an opponent outside the Engagement Zone, the illegally engaged opponent may counter-block and go unpenalized. Likewise if a Jammer illegally engages an opponent outside the Engagement Zone that opponent may counter-block and go unpenalized.

Today's rule continues from the Out Of Play penalties section. When a blocker leaves the engagement zone she is considered out of play by definition. While out of play she may not engage any opponents. After all, that is why the engagement zone is called just that; because it is the zone within which blockers may engage. Blockers who engage opponents outside the engagement zone will be penalized. Normally, counterblocking is held to the same standards as blocking, so if an illegally engaged opponent counterblocked while out of play, they too would receive a penalty. However, this rule allows for skaters outside the engagement zone, who are engaged illegally, to counterblock and go unpenalized. Just as with 6.10.4, although jammers are not considered out of play while outside the engagement zone, they may still not engage blockers who are out of play. If a jammer engages an out of play blocker, the blocker may counterblock without receiving a penalty.