Sunday, September 2, 2012 If a helmet cover falls to the ground, or is removed from play by any means, it may only be recovered by the Jammer or Pivot.

Today’s rule is from the Incomplete Star Passes and Recovery part of the Star Pass section of the rules. There are times when, during a star pass, the jammer helmet cover is dropped, either by the jammer while attempting to hand it to the pivot, by the pivot while putting it on her helmet, or any of a number of other reasons. This rule allows the jammer or the pivot to recover a dropped helmet cover. Considering this rule says “a helmet cover” and doesn’t specify which, that means the pivot or the jammer may retrieve a dropped pivot or jammer helmet cover. Of course, if the jammer retrieves the pivot helmet cover she is not allowed to put it on her head, since the position of pivot may not be passed (per 3.5). As well, if the star pass has already been complete, and the original jammer is now playing the remainder of the jam as a non-pivot blocker (per, then she may not retrieve a helmet cover, as she is no longer pivot or jammer.

There is something else to note regarding this rule. If a helmet cover is being retrieved, a skater must do so only in a normal counterclockwise direction. Skating clockwise to retrieve a helmet cover is not allowed (per It has been suggested that skating clockwise past the helmet, turning around, and then skating clockwise while retrieving the helmet cover ought to be legal. It isn’t. That is because the intent of the clockwise movement is to retrieve the helmet cover, even if the helmet cover was retrieved while moving counterclockwise.