Tuesday, September 4, 2012 A Pivot who has been passed the star attains Jammer status when she has the helmet cover on her helmet. Until the Jammer cover is on, she is subject to out of play penalties.

From the Pass Completion part of the Star Pass section, today’s rule explains how a star pass is completed. In a legal star pass, the position of jammer is transferred to the pivot when the pivot puts the jammer helmet cover on her helmet. While this is pretty simple at base, there’s some depth to this rule.

The rule says that the pivot becomes the jammer when she has the jammer helmet cover “on her helmet”. It does not say that the jammer helmet cover must go on top of the pivot helmet cover. As well, 3.6.6 allows a pivot to start the jam with the pivot helmet cover in her hand, but no rule requires her to put it on to become active. Thus, as long as the pivot begins the jam with the pivot helmet cover on her helmet or in her hand at the start of the jam, she is still the pivot without the helmet cover on. So, if the pivot isn’t wearing the pivot helmet cover and puts on the jammer helmet cover (likely because she took off the pivot helmet cover first) she is still legally allowed to do so, and will become the jammer.

To reiterate, it is not illegal for the pivot to remove the pivot helmet cover before she puts on the jammer helmet cover. The pivot just needs to put the jammer helmet cover on her helmet to become the jammer. Of course, if the jammer is penalized before she can do so, then she will not become the jammer, and will be instructed to take off the jammer helmet cover.