Saturday, September 8, 2012 A Jammer who successfully completes a helmet cover transfer to her Pivot will play the position of Blocker for the remainder of the jam.

When a legal star pass has been completed, meaning a pivot has put the jammer helmet cover on her helmet, the jammer who passed the star is no longer a jammer. She becomes a non-pivot blocker for the rest of that jam. She must follow all of the rules that apply to non-pivot blockers, which means, for example, she may no longer engage the opposing jammer outside of the engagement zone, as that is illegal for blockers. It is imperative to note that the jammer does not switch positions with the pivot in a star pass. This means the jammer does NOT become the pivot when the pivot becomes the jammer. As mentioned in the first paragraph of Section 3.5, “The position of Pivot cannot be transferred by passing the Pivot helmet cover”. Only the jammer position may be transferred. That is why the jammer becomes a non-pivot blocker, and not the pivot.