Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6.13.27 Removing required safety equipment (see Section 7.3.6 and Section 10.1.1).

Today's rule is an Illegal Procedure major penalty. Removing safety equipment is a major penalty to the offending skater. However, this doesn't apply always. This rule references 10.1.1 which says that "protective gear must be worn while skating in a jam, including to and from the penalty box", while 7.3.6 allows a skater to remove their mouthguard while in the penalty box, but only when they are seated. Thus, if a skater is not skating in a jam (meaning she is in her bench area) then she will not receive a penalty for removing safety equipment. Skaters are allowed to leave and rejoin a jam to address an equipment malfunction, however they may not remove the equipment if they are in the jam. So, if a skater is having trouble with a knee or elbow pad, for example, they may skate out of bounds to adjust the pad and get it tightened, straightened, or do whatever else is necessary, so long as it is not removed.