Wednesday, November 21, 2012 In the event both Jammers simultaneously meet all requirements for Lead jammer, the foremost Jammer, if there is one, will be declared Lead Jammer.

Today’s rule comes from the Lead Jammer section. This is a new rule as of the most recent revision of the WFTDA rules. This situation was previously addressed as an official Publication, but has been incorporated into the rules. It is an odd circumstance that would lead to this rule being required. I’ll explain:

3.4.1 states that the lead jammer is the first jammer to pass the foremost in play blocker legally and in bounds, having passed all other blockers legally and in bounds. As well does not require jammers to pass blockers that are ahead of the engagement zone to be come lead jammer. So, if both jammers have made it through the pack and there is only one in play blocker ahead of them - the foremost - and that blocker were to skate out of play ahead of the engagement zone, at that moment both jammers will be in front of the new foremost in play blocker, meaning they have both passed the foremost in play blocker. Assuming that blocker was passed legally and in bounds, and all other blockers were pass legally in bounds, by both jammers, then both jammers will have met the requirements to be lead simultaneously.

Thanks to today’s rule, lead status will be signaled for the jammer which is in the lead at the time they both meet the requirements to become lead jammer. If, at that time, neither jammer is foremost (meaning they are neck and neck, and foremost cannot be determined) then neither shall be declared lead.