Thursday, December 13, 2012 Having the helmet cover removed by a teammate.

Today's rule comes from the Lead Jammer section. It is a subrule of 3.4.7 which explains that the jammer that has been declared Lead Jammer will remain Lead Jammer until their status is forfeited. The following three subrules, of which this is one, explain how the lead jammer status is forfeited. This rule is new, as the previous version of the rules only included two ways to forfeit lead status: a jammer removing their helmet cover, and being removed from play due to a penalty. It was a common interpretation that a teammate removing the jammer's helmet cover would forfeit the jammer's lead status, even though it wasn't actually written into the rules. Rather than rely on common interpretations, regardless of the position, the rules now state that a teammate removing their jammer's helmet cover forfeit's that jammer's lead status.

3.4.6 still allows for a jammer to regain lead jammer status if an opponent's action removes the helmet cover.