Wednesday, December 19, 2012

6.15 DELAY OF GAME Delay of Game penalties will be given for actions which interfere with the standard progression of the game.

Today's rule is the main paragraph of the Delay of Game penalties section. This section is brand new in the most recent version of the rules. It was created to address some issues where a skater or team's actions could result in a delay of the game, but was not previously met with any sort of consequence. An example of this is a team that fails to have any blockers on the track at the jam-starting whistle. Previously, there was no conclusive way to handle that situation, nor any enumerated consequence, even though rule clearly states that "a team must have at least one Blocker on the track at all times". This situation is now covered by the Delay of Game section. Over the next few days I will cover the three penalties in this section, including the one for failure to field blockers for a jam.