Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3.2.3 If a Pivot cover falls to the ground or is removed from play by any means it may only be recovered by the Pivot.

Today's rule comes from the Pivot part of the Skater Positions And Identification section of the rules. This is a new rule for the current version. Previously, the only mention of retrieval of a dropped helmet cover appeared in the Star Pass section, and the rule stated that only a jammer or pivot could retrieve a dropped helmet cover. This made it legal for a jammer to retrieve a dropped pivot helmet cover. Now, only the pivot may retrieve their helmet cover. While it may have been helpful for a jammer to retrieve it and return it to the pivot before, at least now the pivot may skate clockwise to retrieve it. As well, pivots may skate out of bounds to retrieve their helmet cover. Although this action isn't covered in the No Impact/No Penalty section of the Skating Out Of Bounds penalties, the rules allow a pivot to skate out of bounds to retrieve a helmet cover, which makes it another exception to the requirement to stay in bounds.