Thursday, January 24, 2013

6.16.6 Initiating contact with both skates off of the ground that forces the receiving opposing skater out of established position. This includes forcing a skater down, out of bounds, or out of relative position.

Today's rule is a Misconduct major penalty. This rule has been changed significantly from the previous version of the rules. Previously, this rule made it illegal for a skater to make any contact with opponents while airborne. However, this rule now only penalizes a skater if they force an opponent out of their established position while airborne. It is important to note that this rule, along with several others in this version, says "established position", which is different than "relative position". In the case of this rule, loss of established position prevents a skater from jumping, and then an opponent leaping into their path and getting hit by the airborne skater. Once a skater is airborne, they are no longer in control of their trajectory, thus it is unfair for an opponent to be able to step into their path, when their trajectory was established before the position of the opponent was established in front of the airborne skater.