Thursday, January 10, 2013 A Jammer may receive points during a scoring pass before the jam has ended for opposing Blockers who have advanced ahead of the Engagement Zone without having to physically pass them. These are the circumstances in which a Jammer can earn points in this manner:

Today’s rule comes from the Scoring section. It is a new rule, as are all its subrules. This rule explains that there is a situation where a jammer can earn points without passing an opponent, while that opponent is still on the track, and before the end of the jam. Previously, the only way a jammer could earn points without passing an opponent was either if the opponent was a Not On The Track point, or if the opponent was a blocker out of play ahead of the pack when the jam ended. Both situations still exist. Now there is an additional situation, this one with the opponent still on the track, which is unlike any of the situations covered in the NOTT points section.

As explained in this rule, these points are only awarded to the jammer for opposing blockers that are out of play ahead of the pack, meaning they are ahead of the engagement zone. Although it seems as if this allows a jammer to score points any time an opposing blocker leaves the engagement zone ahead of the pack, the three following subrules explain, as mentioned in this rule, the circumstances in which the jammer earns those points. If all three circumstances are not met, then the points aren’t awarded. Over the next few days I will cover the subrules to explain the circumstances.