Friday, January 11, 2013 The Jammer must be on a scoring pass.

Today's rule is from the Scoring section, and is a subrule of, which explains that a jammer may score points for blockers who have advanced ahead of the engagement zone without having to physically pass them. Normally, this is only possible if the jam ends with the blockers ahead of the engagement zone. This rule, along with the two others after it, are the circumstances which make possible. For starters, per today's rule, the jammer must be on a scoring pass. As 8.2 explains, there is no scoring during the initial pass; although 8.2.1 makes an exception, it is only for scoring jammer lap points, not points on blockers. Thus, only applies if a jammer is on a scoring pass. The other two circumstances will be covered in the following two Rules of the Day.