Monday, February 18, 2013

4.2.2 Pivot Starting Position: Only the Pivots may line up on the Pivot line. Pivots are considered on the Pivot Line when they are upright and also touching the line.

Today's rule comes the Pre-Jam Positioning section of the rules. This rule has been changed from the previous version of the rules. Previously, this rule stated that only the pivots may line up on the pivot line. This allowed a pivot to lie down while touching the pivot line with their outstretched fingers, forcing all non-pivot blockers behind their hips. The change in the rule now requires pivots to be upright to be considered "on the line" while touching it. This means that if a pivot is touching the pivot line, but has one or both knees, or both hands, on the ground - the definition of down according to the Glossary - they will not be considered on the line, and non-pivot blockers are not required to line up behind their hips.