Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skating - Using your skates to move. This can include stepping in any direction, rolling, and sliding on the wheels, as well as stepping in any direction and/or sliding on the toe stops.

Today's rule comes from Glossary. It is a new definition in this version of the rules. Previously the word "skating" was used throughout the rules, however it was never properly defined. You might think that it seems silly to have a need to define the word "skating" and for a long time that was true. But changes to gameplay have made a need. Something that has become more and more popular with blockers is backwards blocking. This is when a blocker spins around so they are skating backwards, and they make a block while still moving in a counterclockwise direction. As this became a more popular way to block, skaters figured out that by going up on their toe stops, they would be able to slow down the opponent they were blocking, and use the opponent's counterclockwise motion to make sure their skates remain moving in a counterclockwise direction. This became a controversial practice, since "skating" was sometimes interpreted as actually moving the skates, which is what people think of when they think of skating. The rules have now been revised so that skating is any movement of the skates, whether it be rolling or sliding, on the wheels or toe stops.