Friday, March 22, 2013

3.5.5 Jammer status is transferred when the pivot is wearing the helmet cover on their helmet with the stars visible.

Today's rule comes from the passing The Star section of the rules. This rule is largely the same from the previous version to the current one. However, another important rule has changed that has altered the effect of this rule. Rule 3.2.1 was revised so that a pivot must be wearing the pivot helmet cover to have the rights and privileges of a pivot. previously, a pivot that started a jam with the pivot helmet cover in their hand or on their helmet was always the pivot, for the rest of that jam, which meant that the pivot helmet cover didn't need to be on the pivot's head when they completed a star pass. Now, since a pivot without a helmet cover is ineligible to receive a star pass, as that ability is one of the rights and privileges of a pivot, to be able to complete a star pass a pivot must put the jammer helmet cover on top of their pivot helmet cover. If the pivot takes off the pivot helmet cover, they may not then put on the jammer helmet cover, and will receive an Illegal procedure penalty for doing so.

The part of this rule that has been revised is that the stars on the jammer helmet cover must be visible for the star pass to be considered complete. If the pivot puts on the jammer helmet cover inside out, and the stars are not visible that way, they will remain the pivot even with the jammer helmet cover on their head. Pivots need to know this because if they put the jammer helmet cover on without the stars visible, and then leave the engagement zone, they must still return to the engagement zone or be given a penalty for failure to return.

Something I have not always been sure of is what "on their helmet" has meant, whether the helmet cover was required to be affixed to the helmet, or simply on top of it. My personal interpretation would be that a helmet cover that is simply on top of a helmet isn't actually on the helmet, that the helmet cover must remain on the helmet after the pivot removes their hands. This is, of course, my own personal interpretation and not an official one by any means.