Monday, March 25, 2013

7.1.3 If an Illegal Procedure gives an unfair advantage, the referee will assess a penalty and may stop the jam if the offending team fails to yield the advantage immediately.

Today's rule comes from the Major Penalties section. Illegal Procedure penalties are defined as "Technical infractions that give the offending team an advantage but do not necessarily impact a specific opponent." If a skater or team is guilty of an Illegal Procedure, they will be issued a major penalty for the infraction. However, there are times when the team fails to yield the advantage immediately, in which case the jam may be stopped. This rule hasn't much relevancy, though, since the Illegal Procedure penalties that would pertain to this rule actually explain to issue the penalty after the jam has already been stopped, such as causing the jam to be called off for too many blockers on the track, or a jammer who is not lead successfully calling off the jam. As well, it seems as if a skater were performing an action deemed to be an Illegal Procedure, was issued a major penalty for it, and then failed to yield the advantage, they would be issued an Insubordination. However, even if it came to that point, this rule allows a referee to call off the jam so that the unfair advantage doesn't continue.