Friday, April 5, 2013 Standard scoring rules and requirements apply to opponents returning from the penalty box that skate ahead of the Jammer before the Jammer is able to earn their first point in that scoring pass.

Today's rule comes from the Points part of the Scoring section of the rules. This rule references, the part of scoring section that covers Not On The Track points. As the NOTT section explains, jammers earn points for skaters in the penalty box, and those who are returning from the penalty box, when they score their first point on an opposing blocker in each scoring pass. However, if the skater in the penalty is able to return to the track and skate ahead of the jammer before the jammer has been able to score their first point on an opposing blocker, then the jammer will not earn a NOTT point for the returning skater. That skater will become a normal point, and all standard scoring rules apply, which means that the jammer must pass them legally and in bounds.