Thursday, May 9, 2013

6.9.19 A clockwise block that forces the receiving opposing skater to lose established position. This includes forcing a skater down, out of bounds, or out of relative position.

Today's rule is a Direction of Gameplay major penalty. The current version of the rules includes a couple of new rules that differentiate between clockwise blocks that include physical contact, and positional clockwise blocks. However, these rules only apply to clockwise blocks that result in minor impact. If a skater makes a clockwise block on an opponent, either positionally or with contact, that forces the receiving skater to lose their established position, they initiating skater will receive a major penalty.

The inclusion of the phrase "established position" in this rule is deliberate and important. The receiving skater must have established their position on the track for a clockwise block to be a penalty. That means if a skater is skating clockwise and an opponent jumps into the path of the clockwise skating skater and gets knocked down, there will be no penalty. The opponent had not established their position, thus the clockwise block did not force them to lose any established position.

Monday, May 6, 2013

6.9.11 A clockwise positional block that forces the receiving opposing skater off-balance, forward, backward, and/or sideways, but does not cause the opposing skater to lose relative position.

Today's rule is a No Impact/No Penalty rule from the Direction of Gameplay section. This rule is in contrast to 6.9.17, which is a major penalty for a clockwise block with physical contact. This rule is interesting, as it is difficult for some to envision what it would look like. A good example would be a skater skating clockwise on the track towards an opponent who has established their position, and the opponent stepping out of the way before the clockwise skating skater makes physical contact. Unlike previous versions of the WFTDA rules where all clockwise blocks were treated the same, in the current version there is a difference between clockwise positional blocks and clockwise blocks that include physical contact. In this case of today's rule, if there is no physical contact, and the impact is minor, then there is no penalty.

It must be noted, however, that any clockwise block that causes a loss of relative position, regardless of contact, is a major penalty, per 6.9.19.