Monday, June 17, 2013

2.3.4 If 30 seconds or fewer remain on the period clock when a jam ends, there will not be another jam started for that period unless a timeout or Official Review is called by one of the teams (see Section 2.6.5). If an Official Timeout needs to be taken with 30 seconds or fewer remaining on the period clock, the remaining time on the period clock will expire after the Official Timeout and the period will end.

Today's rule comes from the Periods section of the rules. This rule has been revised in the most current version of the rules, and incorporates what has been an official Publication for some time. Previously, this rule stated that if a jam ended and there was less than 30 seconds on the period clock, the only way another jam would be played would be if a team called a timeout. Somewhere along the way, official reviews were also allowed to be used to stop the period clock and have an additional jam be played. Now, this is allowed specifically per this rule. This rule continues on to mention that official timeouts taken when a jam ends with 30 seconds or less on the period clock effectively end the period. The rule says "if an official timeout needs to be taken", which means that official timeouts are not prohibited in this situation, but should likely only be called when absolutely necessary, such as an injured skater on the track.