Monday, June 24, 2013

6.11.13 A skater cutting only the initiating skater, when the initiating skater exits out of the Engagement Zone at any time after the initiating block.

Today's rule comes from the Cutting The Track section. It is a new rule in the No Pass / No Penalty portion of the Cutting section, in the most recent version of the rules. Previously, the only rule in this portion was that it is a NP/NP when a jammer cuts one teammate. This rule helps clarify an action associated with That rule explains that a skater who is blocked out of bounds may return in front of the opposing skater that blocked them out if the initiator exits the engagement zone after the block. What this rule clarifies is that once the initiator has gone exited the engagement zone, they have lost advantage on the receiver, regardless of whether they return to the engagement zone before the receiver returns to the track. Put more clearly, if a skater blocks an opponent out of bounds and exits the engagement zone (goes out of play), then even if that skater returns to the engagement zone (goes back in play) before the opponent returns to the track, and the opponent returns in front, the opponent will not receive a Cutting major. If the opponent happens to be a jammer, then they will also not be credited for a point since the pass was made while out of bounds.