Monday, June 3, 2013

6.9.15 A block by a stopped skater that includes physical contact which forces the receiving opposing skater off balance, forward, backward, and/or sideways, but does not cause the opposing skater to lose relative position.

Today's rule is a Direction of Gameplay major penalty. This rule makes it illegal to block an opponent while stopped. This includes initiating a block while stopped, and also coming to a stop while blocking an opponent. 6.9.13 allows a skater to come to a stop momentarily while engaging an opponent so long as the initiator begins moving counterclockwise at the first legal opportunity (otherwise known as immediately). 6.9.14 allows a skater who has come to a stop while blocking an opponent to discontinue their engagement and not receive a penalty. If the initiator comes to a stop while blocking an opponent and does not begin moving counterclockwise immediately, or discontinue the engagement, they will receive a major penalty.

This rule is similar to 6.9.12, a no impact/no penalty rule for a stopped positional block, however, today's rule includes physical contact whereas 6.9.12 is a positional block, which includes no contact at all.