Friday, July 26, 2013

Standing - A skater who is upright holding their body weight on their skates. When a skater is told to stand in the Penalty Box, the skater must stand fully erect and cannot maintain a crouched or hovering position over the seat. It must be clear to all Officials and spectators that the box seat is now available for another skater to occupy.

Today's rule comes from the Glossary. It is the definition of "Standing". This Glossary definition has been updated in this version of the rules. It may seem odd for the rules of a sport to define what standing is. However, there has become a need for this definition. Rule says that when a skater has ten seconds left in their penalty time they will be instructed to stand by the penalty timer. They are require to stand, and their penalty clock will stop until they are standing, per Unfortunately, many skaters weren't standing, as this Glossary definition explains, but were rather crouching or hovering over their penalty box seat. The purpose of having skater stand with ten second left is not to prepare them for exiting the penalty box. There are several reasons for a skater standing when their time is almost up. A skater standing in the penalty box signals to the referees that there is a spot open in the box, in the case of a skater having been waved off from a full box. If there is a skater waiting in queue to return to the box, they will be sent back to the penalty box when one of their teammates is standing. A crouching skater will prevent the referees from sending a skater in queue. As well, if a skater enters a full penalty box while their teammate is standing, they will be held in the box since that seat is now considered free. This rule was updated to explain that crouching and hovering is not considered standing so that there are no more arguments between teams and officials in cases where skaters are told their time is stopped until they stand, and they believe they are already standing.